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Sandra Vissers
Sandra Vissers

Art for me is; a language in which I can communicate my deep inner thoughts and feelings. Hi, I'm Sandra Vissers, a self-taught digital artist from Arnhem, the Netherlands.  I love the freedom to express myself, to experiment and to explore new fields of artistic expression. To collaborate with other artist and discuss our work, mindset and purpose. Meanwhile learn a lot about techniques, themes that you wish to display and topics you want to focus on in order to get closer to your goal;
Making “Art with a purpose” big!


This is intense! The artworks I started making around 1999, when I got my first computer. This where the 2D digital paintings in a period with overwhelming emotions. And that shows. At that time I wasn't able to express them that easily. But the arts have been a great help for me. I've expressed all these feelings in my drawings and paintings. Working with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Poser and my Wacom.
All these years I painted portraits. My focus was on the overpowering color-use and the distorted facial expression.
This artistic style didn't just fall out of the sky.

What has preceded?

My mental strength amazed me over the years. When I exhibited an enormous resilience. As a result of some traumatic events I had a quite difficult time since my childhood. I first had to deal with this challenge in my life.

Though this period hasn't been that pleasant, it’s was really fertile period on the artistic field. For me the use of digital painting was a necessity, I used it as a tool to convey my inner thoughts and feeling every day. So I was quite a productive artist in these days.
Now I learned to express my feelings in a more healthy way, and in that sense I don't need this artistic form of expression any more. But I love the arts and what it brought me so much already. I'll never quit using this method to communicate my experiences en thoughts in life.

In this new chapter of my life I aim for more professional success.
I've got the energy and health that will support me in promoting and selling some of this sometimes weariful art. This is the moment where I exhibit this personal history in colorful imagery to the world.


What's keeps it fascinating?

A returning theme for me, is some kind of duality and tension between two extremes. This playing field between the extremes provides a tension that's will always be interesting to explore. With the personal mission to find a middle ground, a balance in-between. This game, for me is like a joyful mental pressure, which challenges every part of my brain. With as a result, a discharge which will make me totally at ease.

This duality can be a border between figurative and abstract art, and also playing in theme, subject, color or form.
Through the years I’ve developed a lot of unique Photoshop techniques that helped me to create the image I had in mind.


How the face is formed?

I liked to make portraits with strong emotional expressions. Let there be no doubt about what's going on inside his mind. See and feel the pain, agony and distress. Nowadays, intense emotions and fluctuating emotions is something that won’t overthrow me. I can be an observer and see the beauty, I really can appreciate this emotional aspect of being human.

This is my aim

“Art with a purpose” is the name by which I can also be found on the internet. Although art has had a function for me in the past, this is not where “Art with a purpose” is all about;
I aim to ask questions, bring people of guard to make them think about the world around them. Give them another experience of their surrounding space, and mostly make them appreciate the versatility of the human being, there emotions, thoughts and behavior, Isn't it fascinating.


Because I love discussion, and always want to raise questions, I invite you to visit the artwork of the month on my blog, and leave a comment.

Off course you are free to contact me in any other modern way.